Robin & Lisa Pearce  
Tuamarina Blenheim
Phone 03 570 5198
Mobile 027 289 2808  
Robin & Lisa Pearce
Buying Area: Nelson and Murchison, covering Kaikoura and as far as Christchurch
Every two weeks she travels to Nelson and Murchison and on alternative weeks she travels to Kaikoura and as far south as Christchurch if necessary as she understands the importance of assisting the hunters and ensuring that their selling experience is easy so that they can get back out into the field.   

As the primary Procurement Agent in this partnership Lisa makes herself readily available to buy fur and skins from hunters in her well equipped shed near their home. Grading skins does take time so phoning first is essential to ensure that she is not double booked.

Robin & Lisa have been involved in the Possum Harvesting industry for the past 30 years and are one of the first Agents contracted to buy possum fur when it first became a resource. There is not a ridge or gully in the South Island that Robin has not traversed –and there are many good stories to go with those invaluable experiences.

Lisa was once a renowned woman pig hunter with her own very good team of dogs. Robin & Lisa have grown with this business and are a very valuable part of our Agency Network. 

Scott Candy
Okaihau Northland
Phone 09 401 9664
Mobile 027 252 7949 
Scott Candy
Buying Area: 
Okaihau to Whangarei to Dargaville to Kaikohe
Scott is readily available for hunters where he buys fur from a well equipped shed at his home. But he is a busy man involved in many aspects of the possum industry so phoning before you arrive is essential.

Every second Monday sees Scott on the road buying fur from Okaihau to Whangarei to Dargaville to Kaikohe and many stops on the way before returning home.

Scott has been the Northland Possum Fibre Procurement Agent for Basically Bush for ten years and his extensive knowledge of the industry and easy going personality makes selling fur to Scott a positive experience –and you’ll want to come back. Scott’s competitive nature and passion for the industry has resulted in him developing a very successful Agency.    

Alec McIver
Phone 07 3494250
Buying Area: Rotorua
Buying from McIver Engineering, 73 View Road, Monday – Friday 7.30am-4pm    

Alec’s passion for the hunting and his well built attractively priced Possum Plucking Machines make this an ideal place for hunters in the Rotorua area to sell their fur. Make this your town day. 

Stu Bracegirdle 
Phone 06 756 8484    
Buying Area: Inglewood
Buying from Egmont Skins and Hides, 6 Lepper Road, Inglewood
Stu leads a very busy life and commits fur and skin buying to three hours every morning 8am-11am. However he does understand the hunter and if you can’t make it then just phone and you  will be able to arrange a more convenient time.

Stu has “been round the traps” for many years, there’s even a photo of a very young Stu in  Morsby’s book on Possum Hunting. He buys possum fur and skins. 

Rick Hansen  
Te Anau
Phone 03 249 7592
Mobile 027 249 7592
Buying Area: Te Anau

Rick buys skins from his home just out of Te Anau where he has good facilities. 
 He’s been in the Possum Hunting business for years and now with son Dean he’s still going hard. He knows Fiordland like the back of his hand and has been dealing with possum skins for longer than he likes to remember.

Rick grades 1000s of skins a month (in the season) for Basically Bush so it is essential that you ring before you arrive on Rick’s door with your skins.  

Kevin Christie 
Phone 07 873 8130    
Buying Area: Otorohanga
EcoFx Ltd, Huiputea Drive, Otorohanga
Buying Monday – Friday 7.30am-4.00pm
EcoFx are an innovative Pest Control company who recognise the benefit of possum harvesting to the overall Possum Control Industry so have opened their doors to possum harvesters who have fur to sell in the Otorohanga area. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff are there to help.  

The Tannery
Phone 06 376 5884
Mobile 027 263 7194

Buying Area: Woodville
Basically Bush Ltd, 2 Fox Street, Woodville,  Tuesday – Friday 7.30am-4pm 

The friendly staff at our Tannery are happy to buy possum fur and skins from the hunter.
It is best for hunters selling skins to phone first to ensure that a staff member will be available to grade your skins on your arrival and hence avoid delay.   

Steve Boot
Wairata Opotiki
Phone 06 376 5884
Mobile 027 241 2936    
Buying Area: Wairata Opotiki
Steve is our possum skin buyer throughout much of the North Island.   
Steve is considered by many to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the Possum Industry, and after 35 years in the industry is still passionate about it. To be able to attend one of his workshops or talk to him about the industry is an invaluable experience for those wanting to learn more. 

Zach Howarth
Bay of Plenty
Phone 07 579 9931
Mobile 022 366 0670
Pestpro NZ Ltd.
Katikati, Western Bay of Plenty